The NACC-IL provides high quality pro bono services to American Indians and companies centered in Illinois.

NACC-IL will establish a mentor relationship to help you through this process.


Send email to: INFO@NACC-IL.ORG


American Indian Entrepreneurs

The Native American Chamber of Commerce of Illinois is dedicated to helping Native American small business owners with start-up, growth and expansion.

The Chamber can help you in the following ways:

1)      Starting your business

a)       Viability of business idea/ chances for success

b)      Business plan

2)      Financing your business

a)       Access to capital

b) Formulate loan package

3)      Growing your business

a)       Organizational development

b)      Marketing

c)       Accounting services

4)      Business training

a)       Webinars/ classes for all elements of your business

5)      Contracting opportunities

a)       Federal, State, County, Municipalities, Tribal

6) Fiscal Sponsorship


American Indian Veterans

NACC-IL is committed to the success of veteran-owned businesses and works to ensure that veterans have technical assistance and resources to achieve their business goals.  

All services noted about are available and tailored to veteran opportunities.