Welcome to the Native American Chamber of Commerce of Illinois!

 This is a new endeavor to support American Indian-Owned Illinois businesses. 

NACC-IL is an organization in which American Indian Businesses, Tribal Leaders, Academic Leaders, Government Officials and other individuals can come together with innovative ideas that will promote and enhance the success of all American Indian people.

The purpose of the Native American Chamber of Commerce of Illinois is to assist American Indian businesses to expand and grow.  The Chamber actively supports and nurtures well-planned, long-term business opportunities for members by providing organized access to public sector agencies and private industry.

By visiting our website, you have an interest in our organization, wanting to learn more about doing business with the Native companies. Business owners and tribes look to the Chamber for a venue to network and highlight their business from sole proprietors to the largest companies and tribal procurement officers.  Whatever your motivation, there is no better place to grow your business, make the connections you need and to learn about doing business!

The Chamber has something for everyone and we encourage you to accelerate your business in the Spirit of innovation and collaboration.


Andrew Johnson, Executive Director

Native American Chamber of Commerce of Illinois