Tribal Business Journal

The Tribal Business Journal (TBJ) serves as the trusted business communication platform to build productive relationships and strategic partnerships between Indian Country leadership, Fortune 1000 companies, affiliated businesses, organizations, academia, and government agencies.

Indian Country Today

Indian Country Today is a daily digital news platform that covers the Indigenous world, including American Indians and Alaska Natives. Indian Country Today is the largest news site that covers tribes and Native people throughout the Americas. Our primary focus is delivering news to a national audience via a mobile phone or the web.


Summary of news and headlines for Indian Country

SAY Magazine

 SAY Magazine was the very first lifestyle magazine in the world for Native/Indigenous people.

 More than just for youth – Native youth are the largest growing demographic in North America and SAY has grown over the years to include information for more than just our youth.

 Consistently SAY has received feedback that the magazine and website are a RESOURCE for our people and a major source of INFORMATION on CONTEMPORARY Native issues. SAY’s mission statement is HOPE.

 Established in 2002, SAY publishes four regular issues, plus annual ‘Best Practices in Economic Development, Education Guide for Native Students and Back2School editions.  Special publications, such as the program for 2008 NAIG, program for 2011 Manito Ahbee and annual reports are also available from SAY.

Native Business Magazine

Our Mission

Native Business is forward-thinking. We spotlight innovation in business, inspiring change agents and sparking creativity throughout Indian Country.

Native Business champions those who dare to rise. We tell the inspiring stories of startups and emerging entrepreneurs. We take a close look at the disruptors—people shaking up their industry, flipping the script, and challenging established norms.

Native Business drives the conversation. Thought-provoking interviews showcase passion, deliberation, and leadership by businesses across Indian Country.

Native Business promotes corporate diversity. By enabling Tribes through verified business profiles, we give corporations the tools to hire Native Americans to fill their ranks, giving them new perspectives that are dramatically underrepresented in corporate America today. Through coverage of corporate diversity issues, we make the case that companies at all levels should be looking to hire Native Americans for the unique viewpoints they bring.

Native Business drives wealth creation. By giving Native business leaders new tools and insights to efficiently run their businesses, Native Business helps them increase profitability and run better enterprises.

Native Business inspires professional development. We stand by the belief that Native businesses and entrepreneurs are capable of the extraordinary. In line with that sentiment, our content serves to drive continuous learning and innovation. As you evolve, expand and grow your business, we want to be a force that drives positive change and grows alongside you.

Native Business delivers value. We empower and inspire native business and entrepreneurship across media platforms. Our website, magazine, video, e-newsletter and social media give life to our purpose.